Travel & Adventure Show – Philadelphia, PA


March 14–15, 2020

Going into the 15th year and after 84 events, the Travel & Adventure Show Series has connected over 1.75 million travel enthusiasts with over 4,000 unique travel marketers in a professional setting that facilitates face-to-face conversations and has impacted over $3.2 billion in travel bookings. Each year, America’s most avid travelers flock to their favorite travel show to find, plan and book their dream vacation.

Attendance from previous:

• 2018: 12,542

• 2019: 14,273

For the 2019 Travel Show Season, the Travel Adventure Show’s marketing team was tasked with not only increasing attendance, but also increasing the quality of attendees who walked through the show doors. The 2019 Philadelphia show’s television mix included FOX, NBC and CBS. Between the two top stations in the market, almost 300 commercials ran, complimented with digital ads from each station, resulting in over 22.6 million impressions served over a 10-day flight. For more information visit

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