Payment Policy & Guidelines


Because the cooperative advertising campaign utilizes the Bureau’s advertising funds along with participant commitments, the payment schedule must be strictly adhered to.

How the invoicing process will work:

All invoices will be mailed to participant, on or before October 1, 2019 (for next fiscal year’s advertising). All invoices are due within sixty (60) days of publication date of print and/or online advertising. If payment is not received within sixty (60) days, your account will be considered past due. We urge you to respond immediately to invoices when mailed. Payments not received can jeopardize upcoming selections, unless we hear from you.

These rates include only the advertising space cost. Any graphic charges you incur are your responsibility.


To develop the cooperative sections, we will be using your photography and copy. All materials must be sent to 60 days prior to run date. You will receive an email from Adriana Torres when your proof is available for approval. Failure to approve advertising proof(s) by the established deadline will automatically denote approval. Any changes to copy past the proof deadline will be subject to review. If the change can be made, the cost of production charges will be billed directly to you.


Please read carefully and note important dates & times

  1. 2019/2020 co-op programs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Deadlines are strictly adhered to.
  2. New Smyrna Beach Area Visitors Bureau’s co-op program is primarily designed for Southeast Volusia County collectors of the bed tax, attractions, dining locales and cultural venues.
  3. Each property may request participation in multiple programs; however, each property may reserve only one ad unit per media type. This pertains to Sweepstakes as well.
  4. All partner costs are listed net. These costs do not include payments to your advertising agency. It will be each partner’s responsibility to provide the necessary file formats for the selected media.
  5. Invoices will be mailed out on/or before October 1, 2019. The invoice will state that payment is due 60 days prior to the run date, if your ad is appearing in the April issue (publication date) of Southern Living magazine, your payment will be considered past due if not paid by February 1, 2020.
  6. Ads will be produced by your advertising agency and forwarded to our cooperative contact/advertising agency contact for review and final submission.
  7. Some programs parameters may change as the final media plan is completed. If a program you choose changes, you will be notified to ensure the program still meets your needs and be given the option to change at that time. We will do our best not to cancel space completely; however, if we do not get enough interest, cancellation may result.
  8. Please read each opportunity carefully as there may be subtle differences in each program.